Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

Export and Import Objects :-
You can export workflows, worklets, tasks and sessions.
When you export it includes child objects like worklets, sessions, connection objects and session configuration.

List of Tasks :-

Reusable Tasks
- Are the tasks which you can create in Task Developer. Can be used in worklets and Workflows
- Only Email, Command and Session Tasks can be Reusable tasks

You specify Email Usernames, Subject and Text.
Fail task if any Command Fails
Recovery Strategy [Fail task and continue workflow / Restart ]

Event Wait
Event Raise

Connection Objects :-

FTP Connection
- Username , Password, HostName, Default Remote Directory,
- Retry Period
- Instead of specifying password, you can Use parameter in the password
- Use SFTP. For SFTP you have to specify Public Key Filename, Private Key Filename and Private Key File password

Relational Connections
- Username, password, Connect String and Code Page
- You can use Session parameter $ParamName for database username and password
To use session parameter as password, enable Use Parameter in Password
For the database which doesnt have username/password use PmNullUser and PmNullPasswd

- Connection Environment SQL - SQL to run everytime when a connection is made
- Transaction Environment SQL - SQL to run at the begining of each transaction.
- Connection Retry Period : Time in seconds to retry connecting to the database. 0 means infinite

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