Saturday, April 25, 2009

Constraint based Loading

Constraint based Loading :-

It is an option available in the session.
If enabled, for each row generated by the source, it will load the record in the primary key table first, then it will load any foreign key tables. It applies only to the inserts.

- All the targets should have the same Active source
- You should define the relationships for the Target in the Warehouse Designer
- Targets shoule be in the same Target connection group
- Treat source as "Insert". You cannot use updates with constraint based loading

FullCBLOSupport = Yes/No
- It is a custom property. If you set it in the Integration service, it is applicable for all workflows. You can also set it in the session config object tab in the Custom Properties attributes.
- Allows you to load the changed data (updates and deletes) to be loaded to the target in the same transaction control unit (TCU).
- Your mapping should not contain any active transformation which changes the row id generated by the reader.

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  1. If you use complete constraint-based loading, your mapping must not contain active transformations which change the row ID generated by the CDC Reader. The following transformations change the row Id value:


    Custom, configured as an active transformation