Saturday, April 25, 2009

Repository Manager

Repository Manager

+ Allow Shortcut Option allows you to create shortcuts for the mappings present in the folder
+ Owner - you can specify the owner of the folder
Folder Permissions
For each user/usergroup you can specify RWX permissions
Owner has RWX and you cannot change it.
OS Profile
If the Integration Service uses OS profiles, then you can specify the profile to use.

User Groups
+ Default Groups - Administrator and Public
+ Administrator Group contains 2 users, User Administrator and repository database User.
You cannot delete or remove these 2 users from the Administrator Group.

Show Locks & Show Connections
- You can see the locks obtained on the repository objects by user , folder, application, host.
- To release a lock you have to idnetify the user connection and kill the User Connection.

Export Objects and Import Objects:-
- When you export an workflow, it exports all the child objects like mappings and sessions.
- When you import you can choose to import individual objects like mapping or import the whole workflow.

Metadata Extension
The Metadata extension which you create using Repository Manager is ReUsable.
For example if you create it for Source, then it is available for all the sources in the repository

Vendor-defined cannot be changed. Anything you create is user-defined. To change the value , you use designer or workflow manager.

You can add metadata extension for any Transformation or for A;;.
Data type String / Boolean / Numeric
Default Value
Client Visible
Client Editable
Share Read
Share Write

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