Sunday, April 26, 2009

Session Configuration

Session Configuration

Advanced -
Constraint based load ordering [Unchecked]
- To load data into the targets based on primary key foreign key relationship
Cache Lookup() Function - [Checked]
Default buffer block size [Auto]
Line Sequential Buffer Length [1024]
- Informatica reads a row from the file and holds it in the buffer. If the row is more than 1024 bytes, then increase the value.
Max Memory Allowed for Auto Memory attributes [512Mb]
Max percentage of Total memory allowed for Auto Mem Attributes [5]
Additional Concurrent pipelines for Lookup Cache Creation [Auto]

Log Options -
Save Sessions Log by [Session runs]
- Session runs - saves the number of sessions logs specifed
- Session timestamp - appends the timestamp to the session log file name.
Save Sessions log for these runs
- will be enabled only for Session Log by Session runs.
- specify the number of log files to store .0 means it will store only the current log file
- you can use $PMSessionLogCount

Error Handling -
Stop on errors
- Specify number of non-fatal errors to allow (reader, writer, dtm errors)
- 0 means it wont stop. you can use $PMSessionErrorThreshold service variable

Override tracing
On Stored Procedures error [Stop] - Stop / Continue
On Pre-session command task error [Stop] - Stop / Continue
On Pre-Post SQL error [Stop] - Stop / Continue

Error Log Type
Errot Log DB Connection
Error Log Table Name prefix
Error Log File Directory
Error Log File Name
Log Row Data
Log Source Row Data
Data column delimiter

Partitioning Options -
Dynamic Partitions [Disabled]
- Other options are Based on number of partitions , Based on source Partitioning, Based on number of nodes in the grid.
Number of Partitions [1]
- Will be enabled if you choose "Based on number of partitions"
- You can also specify $DynamicPartitionCount session parameter

Sessions on Grid -
Is Enabled [Unchecked]
- To run the sessions in a grid

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