Friday, April 17, 2009

Version 8 - New Features - Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

Server Configuration is removed from Workflow and is added to the Repository Administration Console

Session log file is written in new binary format

Write backward compatible session log file
Recovery Strategy (Restart task, Fail task continue workflow, Resume from lask checkpoint)
Java Classpath
Write performance data to repository

DTM Buffer Size value is set to Auto in v8. In v7 it is 120000000

Object Types which you can query are Schedulers, Session Configuration, Tasks, Sessions, Worklets and Workflows

Session Configuration

Maximum Memory Allowed For Auto Memory Attributes
Maximum Percentage of Total Memory Allowed For Auto Memory Attributes
Additional Concurrent Pipelines for Lookup Cache Creation

The value for Default Buffer block size is "Auto" in v8. In v7 it is 64000.

Error Handling
Enable Recovery Option is removed in version 8

Partitioning Options
Dynamic Partitioning (Disabled or Enabled)
Number of Partitions (You can specify a number when you Enable Dynamic Partitioning)

Relational Connections
Envirnoment SQL which was in version 7 was replaced by 2
Connection Environment SQL
Transaction Environment SQL
New : Connection Retry Period : Time in seconds to retry connecting to the database. 0 means infinite
[For Oracle] Rollback Segment which was in version 7 was removed

FTP Connection
Retry Period

Command Tasks
In Version 8
Fail Task if any command fails (checkbox)
Recovery Strategy (Fail Task and continue workflow , Restart)
In Vesrion 7
Run if previous completed (checkbox)

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