Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorter Transformation

Sorter Transformation

- Active/Passive

- Sorts data according to the sort key specified.
You can specify multiple columns as sort keys and the order (Ascending or Descending for each column)

Options :-

Distinct Output Rows -
Can output distinct records if you check this option

Null Treated Low -
By default it treats as High values. If you check this option it will treat it as Low

Case Sensitive - Checked by default. If you enable uppercase are higher

Work Directory - By default it is $PMTempDir

Sorter Cache Size -
It is the max amount of memory used for sorter.
In version 8 it is set to Auto. In version v7 it is 8MB
If it cannot allocate then the session will fail
If it needs more memory that it will pages the data in the Work Directory, and writes a warning in the log file.

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