Sunday, April 26, 2009

Session Properties

Session Properties

General Options

Write backward compatible Session log file
Session log file name
Session log file directory
Parameter file name

Enable test load
Number of rows to test
- will be enabled only if you Enable Test Load

$Source connection value
$Target connection value

Target source rows as
- Insert / Update / Delete / Data driven
- If the mapping has update transformation then by default Data driven.

Commit Type [Target]
- Source / Target / User defined
Commit Interval
- commit after x number of records
Commit on End of file
Rollback transaction on errors

Recovery Strategy
- Restart Task / Fail task continue workflow / Resume from last check point

Java classpath

Performance -

DTM Buffer size [Auto]
- You can specify Auto or value. By default Integ service allocated 12MB

Collect performance data
- to collect performance data. you can use workflow monitor to see it

Write performance data to repository
- writes the performance details to the repository. you can use workflow monitor to see it

Incremental Aggregation
Reinitialize Aggregate data
Enable High precision
- to process Decimal datatype to a precision of 28

Session retry on deadlock
- applicable only for Normal loads
- In the Integ service you can specify number of deadlock retries and deadlock sleep time period.

Session sort order
- If the integration service runs in Ascii then it is Binary
- If it runs on Unicode, then it displays sort order based on the Integration service code page

Pushdown Optimization
- None / To Source /To Source with view / To Target / Full / Full with view / $PushdownConfig

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