Friday, May 8, 2009

Informatica v7 - Undocumented Feature

Informatica : Unexpected commits

When using target-based commit PowerMart will commit when the writer thread is completely idle for one minute(Default value of WriteWaitTimeOut), even if the commit interval has not yet been reached.

_undocumented_ Feature -

num of secs the writer will be idle before a commit is issued. Default is 60.
Use a large value to disable. Dont set it to 0

Informatica : Virtual Name for the Unix Machines - Starting Informatica Server

When you start the informatica server the informatica will check the ip address stored in the repository (configured in workflow manager) with the ip address of the server machine.

When we want to use virtual name - the ip address resolved in the client-workflow manager will be different from the actual fiscal ip address of the server.

To Fix : Open the file pmserver.cfg and add "ServerAddress=usp-mmsprod" and then start the server.

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